The following summarises Bandhu's Terms of Service.

Terms of Service

Effective 13 July 2020

Acceptance of Agreement

  • By signing up for the Bandhu application, you are entering into a legal and binding agreement with Bandhu, and you will be bound by the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

  • To know more about what data we would collect from you and how we will store and use it, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

  • Bandhu can change the Terms of Service at any time on this application. The Terms will be updated on this page and a notification will be sent to all the Users about the update.

Who are we?

  • Bandhu is a digital platform for Users to connect with fellow independent third-party contractors who are also not employed by Bandhu. Users can arrange/provide employment, labour, rental housing, transportation and/or related services. Bandhu does not itself provide any of these services.


What happens when you sign up?

  • Once you accept our Terms of Service, you will have the permission to use our services on your personal device. However, you cannot use or duplicate any material related to Bandhu and its affiliates, including but not limited to logos, trademarks, or company names.

  • Bandhu's services are currently only available to users having a mobile phone number in India (+91) and for users living in India.

  • Bandhu’s services are only available to persons aged 18 years and older, and who are eligible to enter into a legally binding and enforceable contract, under law.

  • You are required to create a password-protected account for use of our services, and you must ensure that all the personal details you provide are accurate. Any misinformation may result in the suspension or deletion of your account. 

  • You are solely responsible for anything you post or any activity that happens on your Account, so ensure that you do not share your One Time password with anyone. You must inform Bandhu if anyone else tries to use your account.

  • You are expected to provide honest, relevant, and careful feedback through a ratings and/or comments system after you have completed using a service.



  • Bandhu has the sole authority to change the system of charges for services at any time, and without having to send any prior notification to the User.

  • As between you and Bandhu, Bandhu reserves the right to alter the schemes for any or all services which you access through the app at any time.

  • Bandhu does not permit any User to provide or receive tips in addition to the pre-decided payment.


Your Roles and Rights



As a Worker, you are responsible for:

  • Providing only true information in your profile and communicating respectfully with all other Users on the platform.

  • Applying only to jobs for which you meet the eligibility criteria. Also for accepting and completing the job if selected for it, with no wrong or harmful intent to any other person or entity.

  • Coordinating directly with the Employer regarding all related queries about jobs which may include but are not limited to salary, incentives, contract, joining date, meeting point, etc.

  • Confirming payment with the Employer upon completion of the work, and rating the Employer while following our feedback guidelines.

  • You may choose to cancel your selection of any service offer at any time before actually beginning your use of the Service (for example, a job or housing that you agreed to). However, your rating may be affected because of the cancellation.



As an Employer, you are responsible for:

  • Providing true information on the Bandhu platform about all your projects and communicating respectfully with all other Users on the platform. 

  • Coordinating directly with the Worker regarding all relevant questions and queries that may arise.

  • Ensuring correct check-in with the Worker using Bandhu’s application and informing the Worker of any change in arrival time or cancellation.

  • Confirming directly and timely payment with the Worker upon completion of the work; and rating the Worker while following our feedback guidelines.

  • Maintaining and disclosing to the Worker that Bandhu is neither involved, nor gains anything, from the actual work performed. It may be directly paid a separate fee by the User for use of its software/platform.

  • Understanding that Bandhu cannot vouch for any Worker’s self-declared credentials, nor be held liable for this information.



As a Contractor, you are responsible for:

  • Sharing the correct referral link to the intended mobile number of a User to be referred or onboarded (“Recruit”).

  • If onboarding the Recruit in person, confirming and accurately representing and inputting the account information of a User to be referred or onboarded (“Recruit”).

  • Periodically reviewing a Recruit’s performance via information contained in your Profile on the Application, and contacting a Recruit (Worker) through any communication medium as necessary to understand/resolve their issues, if the Worker’s rating falls below acceptable minimums.

  • Bandhu may offer a commission scheme for recruitment of Worker(s), but all the related rules, regulations and payment structures will be decided solely by Bandhu.


Disclaimers/Limitation of Liability/Dispute Resolution

  • Bandhu is not responsible for any losses you face by accessing any third-party links or User posted content on the Bandhu, since it cannot guarantee accuracy of such content.

  • In the event of a dispute between a User and Bandhu, Bandhu will be the final judge of such a dispute.

  • Bandhu is not obligated to resolve disputes between Users, including failure to pay or perform work. Although Bandhu will try its best to ensure fair employer-Worker relationships, it is merely helping Users find each other.


Other Questions?


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